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Wife forced to fuck a dog

A perverted man forces his own wife to have sex with their pet dog. She has to bend over and spread her butt so her hubby can insert the dogs cock deep inside her nasty cunt. In the beginning she tries to resist but after a while she begins to enjoy this bizarre beast fucking. Will this woman gets her first animal orgasm today?

Man raped by dog

This poor chap from Germany has no control over his dominant pitbull. When the guy is masturbating on the couch the dog comes walking in and start to lick his ass. He tries to resist the beast but the animal is much stronger. But asslicking is not enough, no this beast wants to rape fuck this guys ass. Damn this really is brutal bestiality.

Brasil whore goes extreme

A dutch tourist has rented a hot prostitute for the day. But this dude doesnt want to fuck this bitch, no he wants her to fuck his dog! Although the girl is scared as hell she knows she doesnt really have a choise. Her pimp will beat her up big time if she doesnt do what the customer wants so with tears in her eyes she lets herself getting raped by this horny beast.

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